Social entrepreneurship course

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Do you believe your idea can change the world? Be social, be an entrepreneur!

A social enterprise is a tool for job creation and as well it reaches social objectives. A social enterprise uses economic activity to achieve a central social purpose, and it is a concept which integrates innovative business practices and substantial contributions to social prosperity.

This program is designed to build skills for social entrepreneurs, and help to translate your social entrepreneurial competences to match with ethical and social concerns.


Kick-off:  March 2014

Duration: 8 modules, 60 hours
Location: Macedonia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and UK.

Apply: Apply with your contact information at or

Training program

The training program includes the following modules:

-          Module 1: Preparing to change to world

-          Module 2: Building a better world

-          Module 3: Creating a social change

-          Module 4: Connecting with stakeholders

-          Module 5: Accounting for quality and impact

-          Module 6: Involving people and leading

-          Module 7: Achieving financial sustainability

-          Module 8: Planning social enterprise

This learning program has been designed to complement basic entrepreneurship know-how, and to encourage overall social entrepreneurship. The program will help young people to take initiatives and act, as well as will create space for reflection.

Is this learning program for you?

Yes, if you want to start or improve a social enterprise!

The program targets the following groups or individuals:

-          Future social entrepreneurs

-          Existing social entrepreneurs

-          Students, individuals or groups who are interested in social entrepreneurship

-          Young unemployed people

-          Teachers, trainers and coaches

This learning programme is suitable for people who already have basic understanding of social entrepreneurship as well as for new students.  Even if you do not have a basic understanding of social enterprise, we offer in this learning programme the basic concepts you need and references to expand your knowledge.