Final Conference

SEE Conference and Final Project Meeting Madrid, Spain 24-26 September, 2014

Last week, within the SEE project, the concluding SEE project meeting along with a conference was held. The event started with the gathering of all project partners in Madrid, who spent a day and a half in discussing the current and final stage of the implementation process of the SEE project. The meeting also served as a venue for exchanging views on what has been achieved in the past two years in the course of this project.

Challenges and obstacles were also elaborated in detail. However, what all partners consensually agreed on was that the project has been a great learning journey for everyone, and all the targets set with the application form have, more or less, been met. The next day, the big event started. It gathered many stakeholders, social entrepreneurs, people from the academia, NGOs, as well as all project partners. The introductory session was opened by the representative of the lead partner, CVO from Antwerp, who gave some insights on the project as well as on the actual situation of social business in Belgium. The next speakers coming from Spain, Macedonia, and Scotland, introduced the audience with the developments on social business in their respective countries.

The differences in these countries intrigued the audience and beside the lessons that could be learned, it also led to interesting discussions. The second part of the conference was all about practical work. All participants were divided into groups and they jointly reflected about social entrepreneurship learning. The groups were facilitated by some of the project partners. The group work was then summarized and important to mention is that there was a lot of contentment about the level of active engagement of the participants in the group work and discussions. In the after-noon, Luca from SEED delivered a presentation on the key outcomes and learning materials of this project.

This was a great opportunity for participants outside the project to get to know all the materials that have been produced in the course of the project.

After the closure of the conference, a closed evaluation session of the meeting and conference was held with all the project partners. Partners agreed that the project has met all expectations, and that it shall serve as a basis for future actions and projects on social entrepreneurship.


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