European social enterprises

Social entrepreneurship is more than a concept for European societies: it is a long-standing tradition that generated many important experiences locally and internationally. Here is a list of active social enterprises in SEE partner countries.


Fondazione San Gottardo Switzerland (Ticino) Integration of people with disabilities
Swiss Leg Globally Leg prothesis for poor people
SOTELL Switzerland (Lugano) Youth unemployment & requalification through event logistic management
Fondazione Diamante Switzerland (Ticino) Integration of people with disabilities
Seed Switzerland, Italy, Developing countries Non profit organizational development
Social Business Earth Switzerland (Ticino) Social business promotion and incubator
Sehende Hände Switzerland (Winterthur) Blind people integration through massage services
Blinde Kuh Switzerland (Zurich, Basel) Blind people integration through a “dark restaurant”
Gump- & Drahtesel Switzerland (Bern region), Africa Integration of people with disabilities through recycling
NoPro Switzerland (Zurich region) Integration of people with disabilities through protected lab
Job Factory Switzerland (Basel region) Youth unemployment
PRO Switzerland (Geneva region) Professional integration of people with disabilities /invalidity


Altekio Madrid Entrepreneurship, Social Consulting
Traficantes de sueños Madrid Editorial, bookstore
Transformando Madrid Entrepreneurship, Social Consulting
Dinamia Madrid Social services for women, Social Consulting
Yerel Madrid Social services for women and excluded people
Núria Castelló Catalonia (Spain) Glokal Kneed: insertion enterprise for women
Copade Madrid Fair trade
Goteo Madrid Bycicles
Creant Catalonia (Spain) Entrepreneurship, Social Consulting
Laura Fernández Asturias (Spain) Alzheimer
Puentes global Madrid Immigration


De Hefboom Belgium support to a  durable society
Triodos Europe financial suppport to elderly care, social profit, disabled people, culture, welfare
Comosie Belgium support environment, social economie
De kringwinkel Flanders environment; social employment
Emmaus Antwerp (province) health, disabled people
Rentervrij Belgium investment in a durable society
Spullenhulp Belgium poverty
t Atelier Antwerp (province) employment; durable society
ANA Antwerp (province) employment
De zomer van Antwerpen Antwerp (free) culture in the city of Antwerp
Sfinks festival Boechout (Lier) world culture
(Oxfam) wereldwinkels Belgium fairtrade
Bond Beter Leefmilieu Belgium healthy environment, social cohesion
t Twijgje Belgium housing and guidance for mentally ill people
Birstro P Antwerp social restaurant, poverty
VLAMEX Network vzw Flanders support environment and environmental stakeholders
Villa Pace Flanders support environmental and social organisations
Mivas Flanders integration of persons with a fysical handicap in the labour market

The UK

Social Enterprise Academy Scotland Learning for social entrepreneurs
WISE Group Glasgow and N England Skills and employment
Atlantic Leisure Oban/ Highlands Swimming pool and gym
BRAG Enterprises West Fife Workspace and learning on SE
SES Sunderland Sunderland, NE England Self employment. workspace
The Women’s Organisation Liverpool, NW England Womens enterprise
MCSENCE Mayfield, Edinburgh Employment
Community Campus 87 Middlesborough Homelessness and employment
Neuromuscular Centre Midlands, England Muscular dystrophy
All Saints Action Network Wolverhampton Community enterprise
Aberdeen Foyer Aberdeen Youth employment
Forth Sector Edinburgh Mental illness and employment
Factory Skatepark Dundee Youth leisure
Engine Shed Edinburgh Disabilities
Recycle Fife Fife Recycling
Giraffe Training Perth Employment for disabilities, mental illness, disadvantaged
Isle of Eigg Herritage Trust Isle of Eigg Community development trust
Inverclyde Development Trust Inverclyde Employment
Govanhill Community Development Trust Govanhill, Glasgow UK Support for social enterprises


Associazione Banco Farmaceutico Research Italy Access to healtcare and drugs
Coop. Arco Italy Natural goods and games
Efrem Onlus Italy Renewables, powerty and pollution
Fondazione Spe Salvi Italy International cooperation and education
Innovation in Sciences & Technologies – Is TECH Italy Clean Technology – Environment
Jobdiabilis.r.l. Italy Job placement and disabilities
Kingfisher Polymers Italy Plastic polymers and waste management
Near Retail S.r.l. Italy Trading
Orange Fiber Italy Apparel, reuse of natural resources
Passo dopo Passo… Insieme onlus Italy Education
Pedius Italy Hearing impair comunication, IT
cogess Italy Elderly people, disabilities, families with special challenges
cucinaMancina s.r.l. Italy Eating disorders

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Izbor Macedonia and the wider region employment of marginalised groups
Red Cross – City of Skopje City of Skopje social groups, help in case of natural disasters, vulneralble groups, blood donation
Polio Plus Mainly Skopje, the Balkan region work with kinds with special needs
Foundation Open Society Macedonia Macedonia human rights, education and employment in marginalised communities
Healthy Options Project Skopje Macedonia (mainly Skopje) work on issues for the comunities of drug users and sex workers – creating policies, program for support, rights
YES Foundation Skopje (&Macedonia) self-emplyment, support of young in education, support for business start-up, unemployment
Horizonti Skopje, Gostivar, Bitola, Prilep, Strumica, Kocani, Veles self-employment, decreasing poverty, increasing the life standar
Habitat for humanity Macedonia increasing the conditions for housing for low income families and marginalised groups
Macedonian enterprise development foundation Macedonia increasing social cohesion and decreasing unemployment
Local community development foundation Veles and nationaly increasing the influence of the civil society in creating and implementing public policies; youth involvement, informal education, philantropy, decentralization
Institut za razvoj na zaednicata (IRZ) Macedonia, mainly Tetovo tackling youth unemployment
Centre for Helping Persons with Mental Handicap Macedonia providing social care services to people with mental handicap
Humanost MK Skopje Alternative social care
Savings house Moznosti Macedonia supporting entrepreneurship through afordable loans to SMEs; supporting social projects and youth projects – sports, culture, education